A blue tit using a Vernon nest box on a tree

We are Vivara and we are #rootedinnature

We’re a team of passionate experts in garden wildlife who are #rootedinnature, on a mission to make nature accessible to everyone. We provide ideas and solutions to create more wildlife habitats in a range of settings, from large green spaces to small urban areas.

More people are becoming aware of the issues wildlife face and the important part we all play in preventing the decline of our native species. That’s where we come in. We want to help bridge the gap between the dreamers and the doers, by educating the masses on small steps we can all take to help biodiversity thrive on our doorstep.

We also have a big presence across Europe including France, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Poland with more countries coming online soon – so we can speak over 8 different languages! Impressed yet?!

Alongside our ambition for growth as a business, we’re collaborating closely with real wildlife heroes who are on the frontline of our climate crisis – conservation communities. We work with over 20 charities and organisations across Europe to support conservation projects, raise awareness and develop innovative new products to best suit the changing needs of wildlife across a range of cultures.

Join us on our journey, and give the nooks and crannies of Britain and beyond, back to wildlife.


Hi-Energy No Mess bird food on a table

Packed with nutrition

Calorie counting is top priority and for birds who know more is best to keep them healthy.

Our Bird Food Range
Two birds using an Oregon feeder

Designs for life

We develop our feeders to give the safest and most natural feeding position.

Our Bird Feeder Range
National Trust Arundel bat box

It's a jungle out there

Your garden could be home to more than birds. Other wildlife need just as much care.

Our Wildlife Range