A blue tit using a Vernon nest box on a tree

We are Vivara and we are #rootedinnature

Here at Vivara we want to share your journey as you create wildlife-friendly gardens and get to know and care for the wildlife that comes to visit. We have all the knowledge and expertise as we are part of the CJ WildBird Foods Ltd family, so you can be sure we know what we’re talking about.

At Vivara, our dedicated team are passionate about wildlife and providing ideas and products to help you share your garden with nature. It is so satisfying to create habitats on your doorstep and be able to see, hear and care for a wide variety of wildlife that may come to use it.

Expertise Through Experience

By observing nature we learn about the needs of our wildlife and how to help them survive and thrive in our gardens throughout the seasons.

The Vivara team includes our own wildlife experts, food and plant specialists. We have spent years within the CJ WildBird Foods family building our knowledge through extensive research, to give your wildlife the care products they need. Our gardens have come a long way from serving only 18 species of wild birds, to now over 80 common species; and we have been at the forefront of food innovation. It has been a worthwhile journey and our developments in the wider garden wildlife care have provided greater biodiversity to the many.

How we develop our ranges

Our working relationships, research knowledge and expertise ensure we keep up the high quality of our products and we strive to provide excellent value for money. After all, we want to provide wildlife with products that they actually need, but also give you a sustainable, low maintenance way to care for wildlife; so it becomes an enjoyable activity not a chore.

Over the years we have created innovative ranges in our bird foods for cleaner, more nutritious and effective feeding. Plus feeders have come on leaps and bounds, such as with our innovative perching rings and our flagship Apollo™ range of feeders with Click & Go system.

It is thanks to our rigorous testing process that our high standards are maintained, which includes a period in our own wildlife gardens and trials by our charity partners. We are constantly utilising new technologies and materials for sustainable use.


Vivara works closely with many conservation charities and wildlife organisations across Europe to develop and approve our products, so you know we are doing the right thing for wildlife. We collaborate on projects and support their fundraising, with your help, as we donate part of the sales of many product ranges and promotions donate to these organisations.

Produced by us, for wildlife and you

From our Shropshire headquarters, we are in control of the development and processing of our bird seed mixes and peanut based foods. By carefully selecting ingredients we can be sure of the quality of our foods. We know exactly the nutritional value of every food we mix and every jar we fill, so you don’t need to worry.

Vivara also has its own manufacturing facilities for the exceptional WoodStone® range as well as wooden nest boxes and bird tables. We even have our own nursery and growing fields to allow us to expand our range of wildlife-friendly plants.

Sharing our passion for garden wildlife through passing on our knowledge, helpful advice and designing quality products to benefit both wildlife and you

Hi-Energy No Mess bird food on a table

Packed with nutrition

Calorie counting is top priority and for birds who know more is best to keep them healthy.

Our Bird Food Range
Two birds using an Oregon feeder

Designs for life

We develop our feeders to give the safest and most natural feeding position.

Our Bird Feeder Range
National Trust Arundel bat box

It's a jungle out there

Your garden could be home to more than birds. Other wildlife need just as much care.

Our Wildlife Range

Supporting our customers

See our full range online and get the most up to date offers via our newsletter. You can order online 24/7 or chat to our customer service team on 0800 012 9107 between 9am-5pm weekdays. Our free delivery details and other options can be found here.

Our friendly customer service team is available if you have specific questions or would like some helpful advice about garden wildlife. Just give us a call on 0800 012 9107 or email sales@vivara.co.uk and we’ll do our best.

Vivara’s quality is second to none and we like to give you that assurance. With the exception of food and plants, all of our products have a one-year warranty and we even offer 5yr and 10yr guarantees on our special ranges.

We value your suggestion and ideas on how we can do better, and it’s always nice to pass on your messages to the full Vivara team when we do well, so don’t hesitate to send us feedback.

After all it’s the experience between you and your garden wildlife that is the most important; knowing that you, like us, are doing your best to give them the care they deserve. The opportunity to see and hear, up close in your own space, is very rewarding.

Let us help you enjoy your garden and encourage the widest range of birds and other wildlife to share it with you.

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