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Acadia Duo Peanut Butter Bar Feeder

SKU 37027

The Acadia Duo Peanut Butter Bar Feeder has been specially developed for the Acadia Peanut Butter Bars from CJ Wildlife. The feeder has as simple roof opening through which you can slide the bars over the wooden rods, keeping them in an optimum position. The Acadia Duo is designed to hold 2 Acadia Peanut Butter Bars. There is space around both sides and the front for plenty of birds to enjoy these delicious hi-energy treat.

The unique appearance of the feeder is obtained by a thermal treatment where the wood is heated to more than 180⁰C in a low-oxygen environment. The chemical change in the structure of the wood also increases its durability.

CJ Wildlife has an extensive range of products with this unique flamed appearance.

Flamed Wood, FSC® Certified Wood