Mealworms & Worms

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  1. Dried Mealworms
    • Dried Mealworms are welcomed by a variety of species in your garden and contain all the protein without the wriggle.
    • Do your bit to help by providing a reliable source of protein-rich food such as dried mealworms.
    • One species that will be really appreciative is the Robin.

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  2. Dried Mealworm Bird Food Square
  3. Freeze-Dried Mealworms (100g)
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  4. Suet Pellet & Mealworm Feeder Guardian
  5. Live English Waxworms

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  6. Dried Mealworms (250g)
    • Naturally rich in protein
    • Easy and simple to prepare
    • Enjoyed by various garden visitors, not just birds!