A robin sitting on a branch singing

Take a moment to listen to the Dawn Chorus

Whether it wakes you up, cheers up your morning walk or simply makes having your breakfast more enjoyable, listening to the Dawn Chorus is delightful.

But just who is singing those lovely melodies? And what time did they awaken to get started? Birds are completely in tune with the seasons and each other. They use sunrise and the increasing daylight as an indication of when it is time to sing. They also have their own ‘moment’ when they begin, creating a beautiful harmony of tunes.

A single bird species will being with a solo performance, usually a Robin, closely followed by others when their time is right; and like a beautifully conducted orchestra you should be able to enjoy this bird concert every morning in the same order.

Click on each bird individually in the chart to hear their song, then when you get to distinguish them, click on all of them for a real morning experience. Notice that they get going way before sunrise, like a natural alarm clock. Have your bedroom window open slightly and you’ll wake up to something better than the radio.

Birds sing mainly in the breeding season, but can be heard at other times, just not as noticeable. You are likely to hear it more during the first half of the year with peak singing activity between April and June. During spring it is the male's way of getting the female’s attention, so they have to be good at it. A good song will impress her so she will want to go on and build a nest.

Use your morning to listen to the birds and tempt them back again with tasty treats as a thank you.

By putting our a variety of feeders and bird food you could increase your choir of singers. Reward them with their favourite foods for all that effort and if you need some help knowing which, just check our guides. Make sure to keep your feeder topped up as birds learn which gardens they can go to for reliable food sources. Refill at night as you don't want to disappoint them come breakfast - unless you are a very early riser!

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So when you have an idea of who you are hearing through your window, take the next step and see if you can actually spot them. Easy to use bird id charts and guides are a great way to learn more about where and when you’ll see your songsters.

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