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Spider Catcher - Bug Away Insect & Spider Catcher

SKU 94314

A long-standing customer favourite, this humane and simple to use BugAway insect catcher helps even the most sensitive arachnophobe remove unwanted guests from their home without fear and without harm - all at a comfortable distance thanks to the 73cm long pole.

Suitable for catching and releasing all small, unwanted guests from the home including spiders, moths, butterflies, wasps, bees, beetles and daddy longlegs.

To open and close the container, you simply turn the handle. This pivots open half of the base of the catcher, allowing you to gently place it over the bug you wish to remove. You then simply turn the handle to secure the creature within the transparent dome, allowing you to safely move away from the home to release outside.

As well as allowing for easy removal of creepy-crawlies from your home, the transparent dome also allows safe, up-close viewing of your bug - a great way to help children learn about mini beasts and insects.

Also available with a shorter pole length.