Create Your Own Butterfly Bundle

Create Your Own Butterfly Bundle
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This is a bundle of butterfly products that are the prefect starter set to attract butterflies to your garden. Simply select the options that suit you best to create your perfect bundle.

Butterflies and moths are part of our ecosystem; they represent a large proportion of pollinating insects and act as an important food source for other wildlife higher up the food chain. A butterfly house such as this offers shelter during poor weather and a safe habitat in which to over winter.

The sure way to lure an abundance of butterflies to your garden in with a buddleja bush. So if you want to relish in the the joyous sigh of red admirals, painted ladies, peacocks and many more species in your garden, then a nectar-rich buddleja is a must. Regular buddleja bushes can grow quote large so this season we are introducing a range of mini-buddleja bushes so you can attract butterflies to the smallest of gardens and balconies.

The butterfly and bee hotel you will find three compartments. The lower part will attract ladybird beetles and lace-wings, the middle section which includes the round openings, an ideal egg laying location for solitary bees, and the upper area, which will attract butterflies.

The Limited Edition 2021 Butterfly House has been made from sustainable FSC© certified wood, with a Big Butterfly Count colour co-ordinated roof which will fit right in when surrounded by wildlife-friendly plants. 

The Dana Butterfly House Kit, with just a little adult guidance your children can have fun making a butterfly house of their own. It’s a stimulating and healthy process that also makes a great opportunity to learn more about the butterflies that may move in to hibernate.

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