Create Your Own Butterfly Garden Border Bundle

Create Your Own Butterfly Garden Border Bundle
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  • Foods produced from our Shropshire factory
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This is a bundle of butterfly garden products and plants that are prefect start to caring for butterflies in your garden. Simply select the options that suit you best to create your perfect bundle.

Creating a wildlife garden and Wild Flowers can be a great way of attracting beneficial butterflies and insects into your garden and helping them to survive. Providing a Butterfly house or Insect Hotel along side food and water will also encourage them to stay in your garden.

Butterflies and moths are part of our ecosystem; they represent a large proportion of pollinating insects and act as an important food source for other wildlife higher up the food chain. A butterfly house such as this offers shelter during poor weather and a safe habitat in which to overwinter. Our Limited Edition 2021 Butterfly House is a great way to offer them shelter and encourage them to stay around your garden.

The National Trust Apex Insect House will make a great addition to any garden, balcony or outdoor area. It is beautifully designed and will offer shelter to a variety of insects that can be beneficial to your garden, for example Solitary bees (a non-stinging species) like to use the holes to lay their eggs in.

The Butterfly and Bee Box is ideal if you are considering attracting insects for the first time as these twin-habitat nest boxes are designed to accommodate both butterflies and solitary bees. The bees will help pollinate your plants and trees too!

Lavender is a wonderfully fragrant plant and is a favourite with gardeners and wildlife alike and will be regularly visited by a variety of bees and butterflies. This is an effective low hedging plant for borders and is often grown for drying and using in pot-pourri.

Oregano is a bushy perennial has aromatic leaves which can be used to flavour meat and tomato based dishes. The scent of the leaves and the clusters of small pink flowers will also attract insects.

The Viburnum Davidii, also called Snowball, is an evergreen shrub that can grow into a very large plant. The leaves are certainly the most striking feature of this plant, they are large, oval, dark ground and have a distinct leathery structure.

A truly amazing dwarf variety of the traditional Buddleja dav. Blue Chip butterfly bush, producing an abundance of wonderful blue scented flowers from mid summer. Wonderfully floriferous attracting bees and moths, as well as butterflies.

Garden Catmint is a wonderful border plant that works combines well with plants such as Salvia and Echinacea. Catnip grows to 30-50 cm and needs a fairly sunny spot to thrive and produce lots of the elegant violet-blue flowers that insects find so attractive.

Purple Tops have bright lavender-purple flowers will provide useful height when placed in herbaceous borders and are particularly popular with butterflies.

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