Half Term Butterfly Bundle

Half Term Butterfly Bundle
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  • 30 years experience in biodiversity
  • Butterfly House made from FSC® certified wood

Experience and learn about the magic of butterflies with your little ones this half term.

Keep an eye out for butterflies in your garden such as the Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral or the Common Blue.

This bundle of Butterfly goodies are ideal if you want to build your own starter kit for kids. As an interactive and fun way of getting your little ones engaged with butterflies, this bundle is perfect for a family fun filled activity. Simply select which items take your fancy, and we'll do the rest!

With just a little adult guidance your children can have fun making a butterfly house of their own with the Dana Butterfly House Kit. So get those sleeves rolled up and get creative! It's also a great way to learn more about the butterflies that may move in to hibernate.

Our Live Butterfly Kit allows you to witness nature unfold in front of you. Witness live caterpillars change into Painted Lady Butterflies, a truly beautiful moment where you can feel connected to nature. For use in the classroom or home, the kit includes a reusable habitat net (30cm tall), feeding pipette and instructions.

The Wilson Bug Viewer has not 1 but 2 magnifying glasses! So you can view your specimens from above and below.

Our butterfly net is shaped like butterfly wing and is perfect for butterfly catching fun. Made from durable fine mesh, it's super gentle to use on butterflies, bugs and other insects that are rather nifty in the air. So you don't need to worry about hurting them. Comes child-sized too!

The Chart of Britain's Butterflies includes 58 of the British butterfly species to help get you better acquainted with our fluttery friends.

What are you waiting for! Order yours in time for half term and make saving wildlife fun.

Check out our butterfly range to get extra creative or plant up your garden with beautiful butterfly friendly blooms.

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