A nuthatch feeding on a bird feeder

Birdfeeding success in just 3 steps!

With over 30 years experience in feeding birds, we know what they like and how they like it. Trust us - they do! Bird feeding is a delightful experience for all and can be so easy to do.

A woodpecker feeding on a peanut cake

A Bird's Favourite Food

Give your birds the nutrition they need and they’ll always be back for more. Its quality over quantity that does the trick. Foods with added treats are more appealing and our bird foods are full of their favourite ingredients.

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Birds feeding on a hanging feeding house

Versatile bird feeders

So how do you choose a bird feeder? Some birds have a preference of eating style, and here’s how to select the most suitable feeder for your garden visitors so they stay as long as possible.

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Birds feeding on an Apollo Seed Feeder

Apollo™ Feeder Range

Perfectly designed feeders for both birds to eat from and you to maintain easily - just Click & Go in seconds. We know 9 out of 10 Blue Tits recommend them.

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Feeding the Birds - Products

Two birds sitting on a WoodStone nest box

Extend your bird family with a nest box

Discover how nest boxes encourage birds to stay and breed in your garden and bring new generations of birds to your feeders for years to come.

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Birds feeding on a Mont Blanc seed feeder

Bird Feeders for Every Garden Bird to Enjoy

We’ve put all our bird feeders in one place so you can see the ranges available for different foods in a variety of styles, plus videos to show you how well they are used. Look out for our sustainable recycled range for an eco-friendly garden.

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