7 Ways You Can Help Hegdehogs Today!

7 Ways You Can Help Hegdehogs Today!

According to The State of Britain’s Hedgehogs 2022 Report , hedgehog numbers are down in rural areas by between 30% and 75% since the year 2000.


Homes for hedgehogs

1. Homes for hegdehogs

If you had nowhere to shelter from storms and no warm bed to sleep in, you might be quite a spiky character too. Hedgehogs love shelter, whether it is to hibernate in during winter or for sleeping safely in during the day. We offer a range of stylish, cute shelters, from quaint wooden homes to rustic baskets, so that your garden becomes a hedgehog’s favourite destination.

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Hedgehog highway

2. Hedgehog highways

No, they won’t be getting a provisional license anytime soon. However, hedgehogs still want to travel around (roughly 1 mile every night on foot) between gardens and fields. All you have to do is cut a 13cm square hole in the bottom of your fence or remove a brick from a wall so that you do not block their journey. Be a helping hand, not a brick wall.

Wild garden

3. Go wild

Your garden does not have to be perfectly organised. Leaving parts of your garden ‘wild’ is one of the best things you can do to support biodiversity and help hedgehogs thrive. Wildflowers will also attract butterflies and bees so your relaxed approach will be rewarded with beautiful creatures.

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Hedgehog food

4. Food is no joke

What’s a hedgehog’s favourite meat? Porkupine! No, seriously, hedgehogs are mammals and just like us, they want food, and they want it all the time. Most hedgehog food products have traditionally been variations of cat food, but we have done research and created a bespoke food, full of the nutrients and flavours they actually want.

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Hedgehog pond protection

5. Pond protection

Humans love a dip in a swimming pool, but your hedgehog never had lessons. Keep them safe by making sure your pond has shallow sides and ideally, a ramp for them to escape up if they do end up getting wet!

Keep it clean

6. Litter is rubbish

Litter and netting are both dangers for a hedgehog. If you have a football goal in your garden, make sure it is raised at night if you can so that a hedgehog does not get trapped. Litter can have the same impact and is also a threat to hedgehogs so keep it clean.

Lawn mower

7. Know before you mow

You wouldn’t like it if a giant came and bulldozed your house. Now imagine they didn’t even give you warning. Of course, your garden needs looking after, but make sure there isn’t any wildlife lurking in long grass of shrubbery before you begin!