ID Chart - Ladybirds

ID Chart - Ladybirds
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This 8 sided laminated fold out colour identification chart of Ladybirds has been created in collaboration with the UK Ladybird Survey, which aims to facilitate the recording of all of the UK's ladybirds.

Ladybirds belong to the scientific family Coccinellidae. Ladybirds provide a natural form of pest control with most species feeding on aphids, making them a favourite visitor to most gardens. In Britain, some 46 species belong to this family, although only 26 of these are recognisable as ladybirds, all of which are featured in the guide. 

The guide features clear colour illustrations drawn by one of Europe's finest wildlife artists and illustrators, Chris Shields. Species have been grouped by appearance to help with identification. Information on colour pattern, habitat and distribution and hints to aid identification are provided in a comprehensive table.

Michael Majerus, Helen Roy, Peter Brown
Other Contributors
Remy L Poland, Chris Shields
Laminated Chart
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Black & White Illustrations, Colour Illustrations, Colour Photographs

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