Limited Edition Butterfly House

Limited Edition Butterfly House
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  • 30 years experience in biodiversity
  • Foods produced from our Shropshire factory
  • Supporting Wildlife Partners across UK and Europe

Join in the Big Butterfly Count and show your support with our Limited Edition Butterfly House. We have created this as part of our commitment to the world’s largest butterfly survey, so make sure you get yours and don’t miss out.

Butterflies and moths are part of our ecosystem; they represent a large proportion of pollinating insects and act as an important food source for other wildlife higher up the food chain. A butterfly house such as this offers shelter during poor weather and a safe habitat in which to overwinter.

This Limited Edition Butterfly House has been made from sustainable FSC© certified wood, with a Big Butterfly Count colour co-ordinated roof which will fit right in when surrounded by wildlife-friendly plants. It is best positioned in a sunny spot facing towards the south as this helps butterflies to warm up naturally. Hang up to a height of around 1.5m preferably near nectar-rich flowers or even their favourite buddleja butterfly bush. Make your butterfly house extra inviting and place a few twigs upright inside to encourage butterflies to cling to and rest.

Butterfly Conservation is the UK charity dedicated to saving butterflies and moths; whose research and habitat restoration projects protect more than 100 threatened species.

FSC® Certified Wood
Suitable Wildlife

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