Kestrel Nest Box

Kestrel Nest Box
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Kestrels are one of our most widely distributed birds of prey and, thanks to their distinctive hovering flight, one of the easiest to identify, even from a distance. They don’t build a nest of their own, but will take over a crow’s nest or lay their eggs onto the surface of a suitable cavity or ledge such as in a hollow tree, a church spire or even industrial sites such as lighting gantries.

Our nest box design provides the birds with shelter for their eggs and young whilst still giving the adults a good view of the surrounding area. Site at least 5m high, ideally facing south east and with a clear flight path in. Line the box with wood chips or shredded bark to cushion the eggs, but avoid sawdust or soil that may clog the drainage holes.

Entry aperture opening: 42 x 27 cm

The nest box is made from durable, exterior grade plywood and is supplied with a mounting bracket (fastenings not included).

Nest Box Hole Size
FSC® Certified Wood, Ply