Mr Plant Geek

Mr Plant Geek

We are delighted to have officially partnered with Michael (Mr Plant Geek) and to be sponsoring season 6 of ‘The Plant Based Podcast’ which he co-hosts with Ellen (Ellen Mary Gardening).

Wildlife and plants share a symbiotic relationship, growing with each other in harmony and therefore it was only natural for us to replicate this by partnering with MrPlantGeek in his mission to help people explore a plant-based planet.

‘The Plant Based Podcast’ shares our passion for sustainability, nature and gardens. Since its inception, it has achieved massive success and has managed to educate and inform an increasingly large audience on all things plant; from the wellbeing benefits of gardening to plant-based bodybuilding.

Michael and Ellen attract a wide variety of knowledgeable and exciting guests on to their podcast, with the likes of Chris Packham coming on to help entertain loyal, nature-nurturing listeners.

You can listen to season 6 of their podcast on Apple, Spotify or other platforms

About Mr Plant Geek:

Michael is a self-professed plant geek and has been busy bringing the world of plants into households across the world; in 2015, he was listed in the Top ’20 most influential horticulturists’ by The Sunday Times. Mr Plant Geek often appears on TV and his inspiringly informative, yet refreshingly digestible website provides guides and gardening schools that are perfect for any level of gardener who wishes to grow their skillset.

For more information on Mr Plant Geek, visit his website via this link -

Mr Plant Geek - Vivara Plant link

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