National Trust Vail Larch 32mm Nest Box

National Trust Vail Larch 32mm Nest Box
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Designed by our team of Ornithologists for the Love of Nature, the National Trust range not only provides a well designed outdoor focal point, but also helps your garden come to life.

The National Trust Vail Larch 32mm Nest Box is a lovely elegantly desgined nest box and will make a wonderful addition to any garden or outdoor space. With a classic nest box design, it has a green sloping edged roof and is optimized with the addition of a nest box plate to protect nestlings from predators such as woodpeckers. The 32mm hole size will be suitable for a variety of Tits and smaller birds.

The nest box can be opened at the side for cleaning after the breeding season. This is generally around October when you can be sure that no more birds are breeding inside A clean nest box will also attract birds who want to use it as a shelter during colder winter months.

There is a shortage of natural nesting sites, which is thought to be one of the major factors behind the decline of some of our once most-common birds. By putting up nest boxes, such as this, which replicates a bird's natural nesting preferences, you can encourage them to breed near your home.

Different species prefer different nest boxes and our range has been designed by our team of ornithologists to optimum dimensions for the species concerned. Look out for regular visitors to your garden and choose a box which best suits their needs. You can check this using our hole size guide.

We recommend situating with the National Trust Aspen Larch 28mm Nest Box, they make a great pair visually, as well as helping to provide additional nesting locations for your local garden birds. 

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