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Inspiring Solutions for Garden Wildlife

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  1. Apple Nester
  2. Vierno Nester
  3. Organic Nesting Wool
  4. Bird Table Scraper
  5. Biological Cleaner
  6. Ark-Klens Concentrate
  7. Ark-Klens Ready-to-use Spray
  8. Ark-Klens Concentrate
  9. Nest Box Plate (32mm)
  10. Aluminium Nail
  11. Dropping Board for House Martin Nests
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  12. Nest Box Plate (28mm)

Our selection of nest box accessories can help to enhance your Nesting Boxes, making them more likely to become occupied by the birds in your garden. Using these accessories becomes particularly important during the busy breeding season, and hygiene products are important for providing a clean nesting environment for the following year.