National Trust Gourmet Robin Peanut Cake 500ml

National Trust Gourmet Robin Peanut Cake 500ml
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  • 30 years experience in biodiversity
  • Foods produced from our Shropshire factory
  • Supporting Wildlife Partners across UK and Europe

his peanut cake is specially made for robins. Robins like soft foods such as fruits and insects. You will find these in this peanut cake.

Robins prefer to eat close to the ground. Hang this peanut cake for robins close to the ground or place it on a feeding table. Besides robins, thrushes, starlings and blackbirds will also appreciate the special composition!
  • Prepared according to our own patented recipe
  • Packed with essential fats and necessary calories
  • Vivara peanut cakes most high in calories, a phenomenal success
View our peanut cake holders to offer the Vivara Peanut cakes.

Calories (per 100g)
Peanut Flour, Tallow, Sunflower Hearts, Dried Grapes, Rolled Naked Oats, Kibbled Peanuts, Kibbled Maize, Yellow Millet, Kibbled Sunflower Hearts, Pinhead Oatmeal and Dried Mealworms.
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