Planting shrubs

Plant in spring or autumn

The best time to place ornamental shrubs and trees is in the spring and autumn. During these periods the plants are at rest and can be transported in good condition. Never plant in frosty conditions as the plant cannot obtain water and the cold air can dry out the roots or cause frost damage. Trees or shrubs in containers or pots can also be planted in the summer, just be sure to give the plants extra water in the following weeks. They already have leaves so they can dry out faster!


Planting the ornamental shrub or tree is done as follows: place the shrub or tree in a bucket of water. Then make a spacious planting hole. To give the roots room to find water and nutrients, shovel the soil well. Now you are ready to plant! Place the plant in the planting hole and make sure that the root collar is under the ground. The root collar can be recognised by the small thickening that differs in colour from the rest of the trunk. Fill half of the planting hole with soil and pour in a decent amount of water. Then close the hole further, press the soil firmly and add some water again. Make sure that the tree or shrub also receives enough water after planting.

Pots and straw whistle

Remove the pot from the shrubs that have been grown in a nursery pot. Do this very carefully and try to keep the root ball (the bundle of roots at the bottom of the plant) intact as much as possible. For plants with straw cap, first remove the straw cap so that the bare root is visible. The small hair roots on the root ball are necessary for absorbing water.

A little care for good results

Shrubs and trees are very easy to maintain, but in the spring, they need some extra organic fertiliser. To prevent root damage, you can work the fertiliser lightly and not too deeply - also leave the manure on the surface. With grafted shrubs and trees such as walnut, it is important to keep the ornamental shape intact, so be sure to cut away any extra or abnormal growth. With variegated (different coloured leaves) shrubs, we recommend that you cut away the green branches immediately. Weeding is best done by hand or gently with a hoe.

Tips for successful transplanting:

Shrubs are easy to transplant in spring and autumn. If you want to move it to a more suitable place, follow the steps below:

  • Tie the branches together for easy access to the roots.
  • Make a large circle around the tree with a shovel or spade
  • Make a similar circle wider the width of a spade
  • Remove the soil between the two circles to a depth of at least 50 cm
  • From the slot, pierce the bottom roots. This is quite easy because the side roots have already been pierced
  • Prepare a new planting hole. This hole should be about 12 inches (30 cm) larger than the root ball
  • Loosen the soil well and put the tree in the planting hole
  • Fill the hole with more soil and tamp the ground well 

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