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Customise Create Your Own Squirrel Bundle


  • 30 years experience in biodiversity
  • Foods produced from our Shropshire factory
  • Supporting Wildlife Partners across UK and Europe

This is a bundle of squirrel products that are the prefect starter set to attract squirrels to your garden, or deter them from stealing for your birds. Simply select the options that suit you best to create your perfect bundle.
If you have squirrels in your garden they can be great fun to watch, but they can damage or interfere with your Bird Feeders One of the simplest things you can do is to give squirrels their own supply of Squirrel Food. If they have their own easily accessible Squirrel Feeder they are less likely to steal from your Bird Food, allowing both species to co-exist.

The Sanjo Squirrel Feeder Building Kit is a practical project that will stimulate creativity and encourage an interest in the natural world. All parts are custom made and the nail holes are already drilled, so it just takes a hammer, a Phillips screwdriver and little time to assemble. Clear instructions make it easy for children to take the lead, with just a little adult supervision.

The Victoria Squirrel Feeder is an attractive squirrel feeder has a flamed wood finish and a complimentary black lid and is part of our burnt nest wood range. During the summer months Squirrels become extremely active from early morning to late evening - this feeder provides a great way of attracting them to your garden to feed during this time.

The National Trust Green Metal Squirrel Feeder offers a great way to discourage squirrels from raiding and damaging bird feeders by providing them with their own dedicated feeder which offers easy access to food. All the squirrel has to do is lift the lid and take food as required, much simpler than stealing from a bird feeder! Just be patient and give them a chance to work it out.

Our Squirrel Food mixes has been specially formulated for squirrels ensuring they have a balanced and varied diet. For best results feed this food with a feeder designed specifically for squirrels. Please remember to be vigilant if your garden birds have access to this squirrel food as small birds can choke if fed whole peanuts.

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