Suet Log Pack

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  • 30 years experience in biodiversity
  • Foods produced from our Shropshire factory
  • Supporting Wildlife Partners across UK and Europe

Create a tower of goodness with our Suet Log Pack. Suet provides lots of calories and will give your garden birds a vital energy boost. The feeder holds 6 of our suet logs, allowing multiple birds to perch and enjoy these nutritious treats.

Suet logs are made from fat and peanut flour. providing the birds with lots of calories and nutrients.

You can hang this feeder from trees, bird tables and balconies using hanging chains or hooks. 

Pack contains a feeder and 3 packs of 6 suet logs. Suet Logs are also available seperately from £1.99 per pack.

Please note that the Chain is not included, but available to buy separately.