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Perfect Plants for Butterflies

For all the know-how on selecting plants that butterflies cannot resist, our plant tips and recommendations can help you establish a garden full of beauty.

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Butterfly on a plant

The Wonder of Flutterers

So delicate a creature, but their journey through life is amazing. So how much do you know about butterflies, what they go through each year and how to best care for them?

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Ithaca Limited Edition Butterfly Box

Butterfly Houses

Give sheltered R&R to your garden butterflies. Be first to use the 2021 Big Butterfly Count Butterfly House as Vivara is donating £1 from each one to the preservation of butterflies in the UK.

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Big Butterfly Count - Products

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We’re Here to Help

Need a little inspiration?

There’s no better way to spend sunny days than enjoying the natural world on our doorstep. Our ready-made wildlife bundles can help anyone and everyone get started; plus find ideas for enjoying your space as a family.

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For the Love of Butterflies

As butterflies are so beautiful with their amazing wing designs, we know that you will love their style inside your home as well as outside. We have a ranges of butterfly-themed gifts as well as bundles of butterfly care products to choose from.

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