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Let us inspire you to help butterflies

Whilst it is concerning that our butterflies and other pollinating insects are in decline, there is always something that each and every one of us can do to help. Giving back to wildlife can be simple and we have our Top 5 ideas no matter how much time, space or effort you have to give!

1. Gardening with wildlife in mind

This is our number 1 that everyone can do. Whether it be a balcony, courtyard, small or large garden there is always room for plants suitable for pollinators. You don't need a full wildflower meadow, although we’re sure this would work wonders! Containers or window boxes with one or two plants, or even a flowering herb garden will attract beneficial insects as a stop over to a larger plot. Why not have a go and see?

2. Range of habitats

Add an insect habitat for shelter in a sunny spot. Solitary bee hotels are compact and our Limited Edition 2021 Butterfly House has been designed for all spaces. Or you could go for larger combination houses for more impact; we even have a professional range of giant insect habitats.

3. Inspiration wildlife garden bundles

To help get you started we're putting together bundles so you don't have to work out what you need. Just select a bundle that suits the size of your space and we’ll deliver plants and habitats to make it work for you.

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4. Citizen science

Sounds complicated but is actually really easy. Taking part in surveys whilst sitting relaxing in your garden enjoying nature is something everyone can do, whatever age. The Big Butterfly Count only needs 15 minute slots but we know you’ll want to do it over and over again watching these beauties - so please do. For more information, click here.

5. Involve the young ones

Plenty for the kids to do with ‘build your own’ habitats, getting their hands dirty in the flower beds, activity sheets, raising their own butterfly family with an Indoor Butterfly Garden and even let them get down with the minibeasts with bug viewers.

Enjoy the flutter and buzz of butterflies and bees in your garden with a few simple tricks and you will be helping more beneficial pollinators than you can see.

Connecting with nature can truly be a family affair- all ages can work a little magic together by planting flowers or sowing wildflower seeds. Take the time to learn all about the different butterfly species in the handy guides and you’ll enjoy spotting them all the more at home and in the countryside.

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Planting a rainbow of colour

Have a look at our stunning range of perennials, buddleja, shrubs and other blooms to entice butterflies.

Choose your flora
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Big Butterfly Count 2021

Sign up and take part in the world’s largest butterfly survey. Just 15 minutes of your time will be invaluable for butterfly conservation.

Join In
Ithaca Limited Edition Butterfly Box

Limited Edition 2021 Butterfly House

To show our support for this fantastic initiative, Vivara will donate £1 from every purchase of this limited edition house to Butterfly Conservation.

Only available at Vivara.co.uk

So what will you do for butterflies and insects this year? Do you have a garden project idea or designing something beautiful for butterflies? Or simply relaxing in the garden - we even have butterfly themed mugs for your cuppa! Whatever it is, we are here to help. We’d also love to see your projects and butterfly images so share them with us on social media.

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