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Rest those wings in a butterfly house

Have you ever wondered where butterflies sleep? Fluttering those wings may look graceful, but is hard work and butterflies need to rest and shelter from the elements just like everyone else, especially over winter. Treat them to stylish R & R with a dedicated habitat from our range.

Butterflies are cold blooded and bask in sunshine to warm up and become more active in your garden. The more plants that provide nectar and pollen you have available, the greater the lure. However, when the sun doesn't shine, in true British weather fashion, your butterflies will seek out hiding places to keep their gossamer-like wings dry. Usually, they will shelter in-between the foliage of your plants, such as ivy, and other dry spaces and adding a habitat will help in their search.

During the colder months butterflies enter a state of dormancy, a little like hibernation, only to awaken in spring at the same time as peak availability of their food source - how clever!

The butterflies that lie dormant in the adult stage need a more long term structure for this period and seek refuge in sheds, outbuildings, log piles and caves to remain warm and dry enough. These species, which include Brimstone, Comma, Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell, will welcome a butterfly habitat that offers these conditions without disturbance. Remember, butterflies that lie dormant in the other stages - eggs, caterpillar (lava) and chrysalis (pupa) - will overwinter on vegetation, so provide plenty of plants that act as food sources.

Bee and Butterfly Box

To celebrate Vivara’s sponsorship of Butterfly Conservation’s Big Butterfly Count, we launched a Limited Edition Butterfly House in 2021. Perfectly sized for any and every type of garden, and instantly recognisable with its colourful roof (a favourite shade to tempt butterflies too) this really will benefit butterflies as Vivara are donating £1 from the sale of each one to Butterfly Conservation.

Choose a sunny, but sheltered, spot for your butterfly house with plenty of flowers and foliage nearby

All butterfly and insect habitats are best positioned in a sunny spot, but sheltered from the elements. Having an abundance of foliage with bright, insect-luring flowers will do just the job for your pollinators. An extra help is to place a few upright sticks inside for the butterflies to hang onto.

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Plant for butterflies

Have a look at our stunning range of perennials, buddleja, shrubs and other blooms to entice butterflies.

Choose your flora
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Big Butterfly Count 2022

Sign up and take part in the world’s largest butterfly survey. Just 15 minutes of your time will be invaluable for butterfly conservation.

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Ithaca Limited Edition Butterfly Box

Limited Edition Butterfly House

To show our support for this fantastic initiative, Vivara will donate £1 from every purchase of this limited edition house to Butterfly Conservation.

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Combination habitats support other insects too such as solitary bees, lacewings and ladybirds, and it's worth giving all these essential insects a boost. These are available in a range of designs and varying natural look appearance. Why not create your own pollinator plaza and have multiple habitats.

Everyone knows kids can’t resist getting up close and personal to nature. Get them involved with creating their own butterfly house design. Our ‘build your own’ Dana Butterfly House is a flat pack kit that only needs a little supervision, but opens up a lot of creativity.

Butterfly Houses