Butterfly on a plant

Vivara Sponsors the Big Butterfly Count!

It’s not just for their beauty and grace that we love butterflies, which is reason enough, but they give back so much more. Calming, peaceful moments watching butterflies go about their business works wonders for the mind, so we should do all we can to keep them in sight.

Butterflies and other essential insects are fabulous indicators of how healthy and diverse our environment is at any one time. Being both pollinators of our plants and crops, they are also part of the food chain for a whole host of other wildlife. Scientists can understand how an ecosystem is fairing by the way butterflies react to changes in their environment. So simply knowing how well our UK species are doing, very much shows us the state of nature around us.

A butterfly on a flower

As you can imagine tracking all those fluttering beauties is no mean feat, so that’s where citizen science makes huge gains for nature. And there’s nothing simpler, or relaxing, than spotting and counting butterflies in the summer. Which is why Vivara is overjoyed to be sponsoring the Butterfly Conservation’s Big Butterfly Count!

The survey weeks are between 15th July to 7th August 2022 and all you have to do is count the butterflies you see in one spot for a single 15 minute period. Whether from your own garden, a park or outdoor area or even just on a walk, we know you will enjoy this time, so you’ll be pleased to hear that you can submit as many separate counts as you wish during the survey.

Vivara is overjoyed to be sponsoring the Butterfly Conservation’s Big Butterfly Count!

Get the whole family involved and make it a competition to see who can do the most counts. Downloadable ID charts are available or use the free App for iOS and Android wherever you go. Sign up by clicking the block below, or for full details of how to take part and submit your count correctly, visit bigbutterflycount.butterfly-conservation.org/about.

Butterfly on a plant

Planting a rainbow of colour

Have a look at our stunning range of perennials, buddleja, shrubs and other blooms to entice butterflies.

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Big Butterfly Count 2022

Sign up and take part in the world’s largest butterfly survey. Just 15 minutes of your time will be invaluable for butterfly conservation.

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To show our support for this fantastic initiative, Vivara will donate £1 from every purchase of this limited edition house to Butterfly Conservation.

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So go on, be part of the world’s largest butterfly survey and you’ll be contributing to the conservation of the UK’s 59 species of butterfly. Our partners at the Butterfly Conservation have a fantastic A-Z so you can learn more about the ones you may be lucky enough to spot, visit www.butterfly-conservation.org/butterflies/identify-a-butterfly. Remember, that having nectar-rich plants in your garden will entice more beautiful butterflies.

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