An owl sitting on a branch

A biodiverse wildlife garden is full of surprises

A biodiverse environment is home to many species, all working together. This is your greatest opportunity for rewarding encounters with wildlife.

Two children filling up a table feeder

Getting the Kids Involved

Nuture their inquisitive minds with all things wild and ensure nature has another generation to care for and protect it.

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A woman filling up a bird feeder in a garden

The calming rhythm of nature

Wildlife and Wellbeing go together like Birds and Bees. Caring for wildlife can be a real boost for you too.

Be well
Birds feeding on an Edessa feeder

Birdfeeding in 3 easy steps

Feeding the birds is the most common activity to care for garden wildlife and we’ve made sure it is the easiest too.

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A butterfly and a bee feeding on a flower

Insects are the tiny things that run the planet

They may be small, but a healthy eco-system depends on beneficial insects doing their job. Just think of all the food we eat that starts with pollinators and how they also fit into the circle of life for other species. You’ll want to make sure you continue with a patch for pollinators.

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A young girl and her mother reading a wildlife book

And there’s lots more for wildlife lovers

Get to know your wildlife better and you’ll learn to love it more. Our range of nature books and ID charts has something for all ages and knowing what wildlife you’ve spotted feels great. Plus, dont forget to check out the super wildlife-themed gifts.

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