Wooden Ground Planter

SKU 92126
  • 30 years experience in biodiversity
  • Foods produced from our Shropshire factory
  • Supporting Wildlife Partners across UK and Europe

This easy to use ground planter comes in a standard tile size. Simply remove the chosen tile and put this planter in its place and fill with your choice of nature loving plants or seeds.

This product is ideal for small plants and seeds. The base of the planter is cover with a weed control membrane. In cases where the plant needs to be place a little deeper into the ground first gently loosen up the roots of the plants and then make a cross incision into the membrane to allow for deeper planting.

•The base is covered with cloth membrane

•Made from FSC wood

•This fabric naturally prevents weeds making ideal for plants or growing vegetables.

•Strengthens the root system of plants, while preventing the loss of soil water

•Helps protect against excessive soil evaporation

•Responds to water deficit in the environment

•Heats the ground faster resulting in better root development, support faster plant growth